eDelivery is a free service Apria is offering customers who want to receive their statements by email instead of by mail or via the Apria Patient Portal.

eDelivery has many benefits, including:
  • New, interactive statements,
  • The ability to update your profile, view prior statements, and choose between easy payment options,
  • The ability to save your statements to your computer, and
  • Receiving your statements 3-5 days sooner than paper statements but your bill due date remains the same.

eDelivery is provided to you as an enhanced service at no additional cost.

These new statements are protected with the same password as your Apria Patient Portal (epay.apria.com) password.

Click here or contact Apria Customer Service and a representative will talk you through the sign up process.

Yes! Also, with eDelivery you have convenient access to your documents anytime.

Yes, you can print a copy of your document any time. eDelivery allows you to organize your records in the way you prefer, electronically or on paper.

Documents are viewed using a PDF viewer. In many cases, a recent version is already installed on your PC or supported by your internet browser. You can download the free, latest version of Adobe Reader here.

Once you enroll in eDelivery, all statements will be sent to your email address.

You can easily update your email address within your interactive statement, via the Apria Patient Portal, or by calling Apria Customer Service.

You can easily change your delivery preference by going to the Apria Patient Portal or by calling Apria Customer Service.